A Beach Guide to Victoria

When you stay at the Regent you get immediate access to ocean views thanks to our harbour location, but there’s something to be said about putting your toes in the sand. Being on an island we’re in close proximity to many beaches to get a good dose of Vitamin Sea.

Dallas Road Beach is the closest in proximity, just outside downtown. Starting at Ogden Point, there’s a mix of sand and gravel depending where you are on the stretch, as well as a paved walkway. Close and convenient, there are sometimes even whale sightings.

Willows Beach is a sandy beach with a park and tea house that doubles as a concession, making it a great place to spend the day. Picnic on the lawn or sprawl out on the sand, there’s plenty of space and opportunities for sand castle building.

Gyro Beach is also a sandy beach featuring a large children’s playground and green space. The shallow waters make it a popular spot for skim boarding in the summer time, and the protected bay keeps a fair amount of wind away.

Island View Beach is on the way to either the airport or ferry and features both sand and rocks. Picnic benches make for easy BBQs and beachfront meals, and a walking trail means you can enjoy the beach even if you don’t want to walk in the sand.

Of course, these are just a few samples of beaches you can find here in Victoria! If you’re interested in going to one, or learning about another, our friendly concierge would be happy to help you!


PC: Oak Bay Tourism