Beat the Heat This Summer in Victoria!

Summer’s come roaring in with all of our favourite things – warm sea breezes, brilliant sunshine, blue skies. But sometimes, we West Coasters need a minute to relax away from the heat. Here are a few things to do when it’s a bit too hot for your taste.

1. Visit the Royal BC Museum

Ahhh – there’s no better air conditioning than museum air conditioning, right?! The Royal BC Museum is worth the trip, whether you’re in search of AC or not. Their current featured exhibit, titled Orcas: Our Shared Future, explores the relationship between humans and our favourite whales. Learn about the history of orca whales with BC’s Indigenous population, as well as the whales that roam Vancouver Island’s waters and what we can do to protect these special creatures. The permanent exhibits at the museum are also worth a trip; for more information and to buy tickets, visit

2. Shop Lower Johnson

Ducking into air-conditioned shops filled with eclectic, artisan goods for an afternoon sounds pretty great to us. Lower Johnson, fondly nicknamed “Lo Jo”, offers an assortment of locally-owned stores and tried-and-true favourites. Visit Baggins Shoes, with the widest selection of Converse and Vans in the world; Tonic Jewelry, for something shiny for someone special; or Flavour Upstairs, for vintage clothes your friends will be eternally envious of!

3. Patio Hop

That’s right – in our opinion, the best way to beat the heat is to sit on a patio with a cool breeze and an even colder drink. Victoria is lucky to have some outstanding patios. Vist Government Street for a more lively experience – Irish Times, Garrick’s Head, and Bard and Banker are not to be missed! If you want a water view, check out the Local or Finn’s Seafood and Chophouse, located on Wharf Street. For a shaded, more private experience, Ferris’ Grill and Garden Patio offer cover in an intimate garden setting. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to feel a little cooler once your drink is in hand!