Its Cherry Blossom Season!

Walk through history and heritage guided by Victoria’s iconic springtime faves: cherry and plum blossoms. Early settlers from Asia brought these ornamental trees to Victoria, wanting a piece of their homeland in their new home.

To distinguish between the two, observe the petals’ shapes: plum blossom petals are rounder with a small notch at the tip, while cherry blossom pointed petals have a serrated edge. Examine the bark and branches too; cherry trees’ bark is smooth and shiny with a “V” shape to their branches, while plum trees have rougher bark and twisted limbs.

In Victoria’s mild coastal climate, cherry blossoms typically bloom in early March or early April (although any Victorian will tell you they’ve seen full blooms as early as February), while plum blossoms bloom later, in late April or early May.

These trees symbolize the cultural harmony and fusion of Victoria’s communities. Follow them to discover charming neighborhoods like Chinatown and historic landmarks like Beacon Hill Park, and don’t forget to take a few photos!

Plan your stroll through blossom-laden streets here.