Spice up your Fall with Pumpkin Ale

Now that Victoria has officially arrived at end of summer, along with cooler temperatures and turning leaves, it’s time to turn our attention to the spiced, sweet, and toasted brews we love so much, such as Pumpkin Spice. Fall is a special time in Victoria, and our local Brew Masters celebrate the new season with our favorite autumn flavors, and here are a few of their offerings.

Crooked Tooth: Refreshingly light pumpkin and spiced infused ale from Phillips.  The seasonal ingredients lightly flirt with your tastebuds. If you are not sure about pumpkin beers and are looking for an ale first with hints of the big orange veggie this is your fall beer.

Pumpkin Pearzen: This annual harvest ale combines handpicked local pears and pumpkins with the subtle banana and clove flavours of our open-fermented weizen yeast. Decoction mashing accentuates the malted wheat while cinnamon and nutmeg bring out the flavours of the harvest. Brewed to celebrate the Fall harvest on Vancouver Island, this brew is dedicated to our amazing local farmers.

Pumpkin Ale: In the string of pumpkin beers being pumped out by BC breweries comes the Lighthouse Pumpkin Ale. An annual staple in the fall beer drinker’s roster, this ale is topped with a finger and a half of quickly settling head above an amber-coloured ale. The smell coming off this fall-inspired beer is of pumpkin, brown sugar, caramel, and of course a touch of pumpkin pie spice. This beer screams fall in a flavourful and delicious pumpkin package.

Sweet Potato Harvest Ale: features a tale from 1858. From brothel to ghosts, sea captains & rogues. Now beer.

With Victoria being home to a great number of excellent brew-pubs, and breweries, many close to the Victoria Regent, we encourage you to get out and explore the seasonal Pumpkin-inspired offerings available, besides why should Starbucks have all the fun.