Spring Is Coming

A lot of the time it never truly feels like winter makes an appearance in Victoria.

In 2015 we essentially had six months of summer along with an early spring and late autumn – winter was nowhere to be found. Sure, we got some storms in early December, but for the most part, it was beautiful all year.

Yet when spring truly arrives in earnest in late February/early March, there is something unmistakable about how much life it breathes into the city. Our already-beautiful home suddenly blooms and blossoms, with a rainbow of gorgeous flowers, lush plants, and fresh green leaves on our trees.

It feels a lot like being welcomed to the city. We’ve brought out the flowers and the birds, just for you!

It’s a vibrant and beautiful time of year to visit Victoria. You won’t want to miss it. And if you happen to be staying at the Victoria Regent, you’ll be able to experience spectacular views from your room and easy access to our wonderful walkable city.

Everything is alive. Everything is beautiful. And most importantly: everything is within walking distance.