Vic Regent Picks: After Work Drinks

“He was a wise man who invented beer.”  – Plato


One of our most beloved of rituals is heading for a beverage after a long day, whether you’ve just finished work, arrived after a long flight or commute, or are getting ready for a night out.

We all have our favourite watering holes, our community or neighbourhood bars and pubs where everyone knows our name and what ‘the usual’ means.

In Victoria, we are lucky to have an incredible abundance of selection when it comes to heading out for a drink after a long day, and if you stay at the Regent, you’ll find yourself within five minutes of dozens of bars, pubs, and patios, from Darcy’s Pub and The Local right outside the doors to the Regent, to Irish Times, Garrick’s Head, and Bard & Banker just a few steps further.

There are quite literally hundreds of beers on tab between those few pubs, with Garrick’s Head having 55 taps just to themselves, and another 50 on top of that if you include the beer list from The Churchill, another pub just two doors down from Garrick’s.

Victoria has a thriving craft brewing scene, with dozens of local breweries producing award-winning combinations of barley, hops, yeast, and water. There are so many to choose from it can be daunting, however, we’ve found that the best approach is to enjoy them one at a time 😉