Vic Regent Picks: Fine Dining (Part 2)

Victoria loves food.

Sure, one could argue that all places love food, but in this city it really is an integral part of our culture – and we have one of the highest restaurants-per-capita ratios in the world.

We love to go out and eat here. We love doing brunch. We love meeting with friends and family over delicious dishes.

Sometimes we want to take it up a notch though, to go for a finer meal and wine and dine to our heart’s content. Sometimes that means going to Il Terrazo, Brasserie L’ecole, or Zambri’s, like we mentioned the last time we talked about fine dining in Victoria.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and today we’d like to add more names to that list: Vista 18 and Café Brio.

Vista 18 deserves special mention for its view alone, and while it doesn’t get the Inner Harbour views that we enjoy, it does have the highest vantage point from which you can eat coastal cuisine in the City, with panoramic views of Victoria surrounding this penthouse restaurant.

If you walk a few blocks east up Fort St you will eventually find Café Brio and its menu of refined rustic west coast cuisine. Decadent regional cooking, accompanied by an excellent wine selection.

We could talk about food all day! Just thinking about these places makes us hungry. We’ll have to continue this conversation again soon…