It’s not always easy to eat at your favourite restaurant in Victoria. While some places make it easy for walk-ins to get a table and sit down for a delicious meal, others can be more challenging due to their popularity.

Ebizo Japanese Restaurant and Brasserie L’école are definitely two restaurants that fit that description. Both offer incredible food but require a little extra due diligence to experience.

About five to ten minutes walk away, Ebizo offers arguably the best sushi and Japanese cuisine in Victoria. The small number of available seats and limited windows of operation – open briefly for lunch, closed in the afternoon, and the open again for an evening service – mean that phoning ahead and making a reservation is an absolute must.

On the other hand, one cannot phone ahead and make reservations for Brasserie L’école. Instead, potential guests must line up on a first-come, first-served basis for when their doors open to add their names to a waiting list. This means that anyone can get a table at Brasserie at any time, they just need to show up in advance.

Both of these restaurants always fill up. Yes, they really are that good. In fact, we’re getting hungry just thinking about it…