Vic Regent Picks: Romance Recommendations

Where are the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day around Victoria? Where are the great places to go out on dates?

It’s a big question, one that varies dramatically depending on your own – and your partner’s – personal preferences. While ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t really apply when it comes to romance, here are a few fun date ideas for you to consider…

  • Interactivity Board Game Café (723 Yates St)
    The name says it all. Play boardgames, enjoy delicious homemade milkshakes and paninis, and play with – or against – your significant other in any one of literally hundreds of games. It’s an easy place to spend hours without knowing it, and be sure to get there early to get a table!
  • Long walks on the…
    From the Ogden Point Breakwater to the Dallas Road Waterfront Trail to Victoria’s Inner Harbour, Willows Beach, Gonzales Beach, and more, there is no shortage of truly stunning walks around Victoria. Bonus: many of these can be combined if you really do love long walks!
  • A night out at the…
    Victoria has Theatres in abundance, from the Belfry to the Royal, Langham Court, and more, so there is no shortage of shows one can see. The Cineplex Odeon is right downtown if you fancy a movie. And there are more restaurants, bars, and pubs than you can shake a stick at, all within a short walking distance of downtown.

Of course, you can always combine some of the above for a full evening – or entire day – of romantic fun together. Victoria is a beautiful city for romance!