How to Get to the Victoria Regent Hotel

The Victoria Regent Hotel is located at 1234 Wharf Street, and has a beautiful waterfront location in the heart of downtown Victoria.

We are easy to find, set back from the street, with a 10-minute loading zone located directly in front of the hotel.

If you would like more information on traveling to Victoria, please visit our Getting Here page.

Free Underground Parking

We are pleased to offer our guests complimentary underground parking (one free parking spot per room).

Our secure underground lot is located directly underneath the hotel. The entrance is located at the very end of Yates Street. As you come down a hill, you will see a sign for guest parking, followed by an intercom which can be used to contact our front desk and gain access.

Please note that the underground parking cannot be accessed by driving straight down Yates Street. While your GPS may suggest this route, Yates Street requires you to turn left or right when it intersects with Wharf Street. You will not be able to drive through the intersection.


There are two ways to access our underground parking:

Option 1

Drive Directly to the Hotel’s Underground Parking

Turn down Fisgard Street from either Douglas Street (Highway 1) or Blanshard Street (Highway 17) heading towards the Inner Harbour (west).

Follow Fisgard Street to the end and turn left onto Store Street. Store Street will quickly become Wharf Street.

Turn right on Yates Street (at the whale mural on the side of a red brick building) and drive towards the water. At the end of the street you’ll see a sign for Victoria Regent Hotel guest parking (C).

Option 2

Drive from the Hotel’s Loading Zone to Underground Parking

The loading zone (A) outside the Victoria Regent Hotel is on Wharf Street.

Drive down Wharf Street towards the Inner Harbour (south) and pull into the Robbins Parking (B) lot on the right.

Turn around in the parking lot so that you may turn left (north) onto Wharf Street.

Drive down Wharf Street and turn left onto Yates Street. Continue driving towards the water. At the end of the street you’ll see a sign for Victoria Regent Hotel guest parking (C).

Loading Zone (A)

A 10-minute loading zone is located in front of the Victoria Regent Hotel. Guests are welcome to park here temporarily in order to check-in.

From here, you can proceed down the road until you reach a Robbins Parking lot, where you can easily turn around.

Robbins Parking Lot (B)

The Robbins Parking Lot can be accessed by turning right on Wharf Street and proceeding down a hill.

Simply turn around here, then make a left turn back onto Wharf Street.

Proceed back the way you came, and then make a left turn onto Yates Street.

Underground Parking Entrance (C)

Once you arrive at our underground parking, please click on the intercom button to speak with our front desk and enter.

Directions to Underground Parking

Follow the route in this map to get from the 10-minute loading zone to our underground parkade.

Simply follow the path from Point A to B to C.