5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Year Round!

Happy Earth Day! Today is a great opportunity to celebrate our beautiful surroundings. It’s also a great time to reflect on the impact we make on them. At the Regent we are committed to green practices and constantly trying to lessen our environmental impact.

We’ve come up with 5 eco-friendly practices to celebrate Earth Day that are easy enough to continue all year long:

  1. Carry a re-usable water bottle. Not only will you save yourself a few extra dollars on a drink while you’re out, but you’re avoiding unnecessary plastic too!
  2. Bring a re-usable bag. A lot of stores no longer offer plastic bags or will charge for them. A re-usable one is not only more durable, but won’t end up in your waste basket either.
  3. Recycle your containers. Our rooms have “waste-not” baskets to help you sort discarded items. Downtown you will also find different bins for recycling, whether it be paper, plastic, or glass.
  4. Turn off lights when you head out. At the Regent we’ve converted our lighting to reduce energy consumption, but if you’re leaving your room, we ask you turn off the lights behind you!
  5. Support the local economy! Luckily downtown there are many local shops, and in the warmer months, markets as well.

Small changes have big impacts, so while these ideas may seem simple, they are easy and effective! Happy Earth Day, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating.