Upcoming Events and Activities in Victoria

In the heart of the city, the Victoria Regent Hotel and Waterfront Suites sets the stage for a delightful stay amidst the upcoming events in February and March. As we set the stage for your visit, take advantage of our exclusive seasonal special, offering savings of up to 45% throughout the month of February.

We invite you to explore the 30th Victoria Film Festival, the celebrations of Chinese New Year, and the craft beer festivities of Victoria Beer Week. These events promise to add an extra layer of enjoyment to your time in this dynamic city.

Victoria Film Festival (VFF): From now until February 11 th , Celebrating its 30th edition, the Victoria Film Festival has been a cinematic highlight in the region since 1995. Over ten days, the festival brings the best of Canadian and international cinema to Victoria and Vancouver Island. The event boasts a diverse lineup of feature films, documentaries, and short films, providing a
platform for filmmakers, directors, and industry professionals. The festival’s vibrant atmosphere includes workshops, installations, filmmaker lounges, and a grand opening Gala. Don’t miss this eclectic celebration of cinema!

Chinese New Year Celebration: February 18 th , 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM Join the festive atmosphere at the Gates of Harmonious Interest for the Chinese New Year celebration on February 18th. The main event features an impressive 8-lion performance by the Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club, a dragon dance by the Victoria Chinese Public School, and traditional Chinese dances. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural experience as the community comes together to welcome the Year of the Dragon.

Victoria Beer Week: March 1 st – 9 th Victoria Beer Week, celebrating its 10th anniversary, has been a pioneer in creating unique craft beer experiences since its launch in 2014. This week-long festival showcases the best of British Columbia’s craft breweries in distinct event settings across Greater Victoria. Elevate your beer appreciation as Victoria Beer Week continues its tradition of turning regular beer consumers into craft beer ambassadors. Stay tuned for an unforgettable celebration of ten years of craft beer culture.

At the Victoria Regent Hotel and Waterfront Suites, experience a comfortable stay within the lively local atmosphere. As you explore the events in February and March, you’ll find a balance of coziness and the dynamic energy of the city. From the 30th Victoria Film Festival to Chinese New Year celebrations and the craft beer festivities of Victoria Beer Week, each event reflects the city’s unique character. We invite you to soak in the experiences, making your stay with us even more memorable.