Autumn Travels

One of the benefits of the unique climate around Victoria is that we never really truly experience winter.

Once per decade it might snow and last for a day or two, with the occasional anomaly creating a large amount of snow, but 9 years out of every 10 there’s not a snowflake to be found, making BC’s capital city the perfect winter escape destination.

If you like golfing or cycling or other outdoor activities that tend to go into hibernation when the first snows fall, there’s always Victoria. There’s a reason why so many Olympians move here: they can train outdoors all year round!

Thinking about an inexpensive winter escape? The heart of this beautiful Canadian city is a great place to hang up your winter coat before going outside – and if you book at least 30 days in advance, you can save even more.

Just because summer is ending soon doesn’t mean you will have to retreat back indoors!