Nearby Dining Gems: Victoria Regent’s Staff Favourites

Victoria has long been celebrated for its exceptional dining options, and now, our staff at the Victoria Regent Hotel are thrilled to share their favourite culinary spots with you! With the Victoria Regent Hotel in the center of it all, you’re just moments away from these nearby restaurants, handpicked by our staff.

Within a ten-minute stroll from the hotel:

1. Finns – 1 Min. Walk

Nestled within a historic redbrick and fieldstone building dating back to 1882 and originally constructed for Roderick Finlayson, known as “the father of Victoria”. Finns invites you to savour fresh catches and local ingredients, just steps away from the hotel

2. Il Terrazzo – 3 Min. Walk

Il Terrazzo offers an extensive and multiple award-winning wine list, adding a touch of sophistication to your dining experience. Take in the romance of Italy, enjoy classic dishes with a pacific northwest twist in a charming courtyard setting.

3. Yua Bistro – 9 Min. Walk

Yua Bistro brings a unique twist to traditional Japanese dishes by blending them with a variety of Westernized sauces. The result is an unforgettable dining experience, offering a combination of flavours that will surely please your palate.

4. Jam Cafe – 9 Min. Walk

At Jam Cafe, they draw inspiration from southern recipes, crafting a menu that features house-made cornbread, buttermilk biscuits, and mouthwatering fried chicken. Creating an array of comfort fare, all served in a charming rustic-city atmosphere.

Let the Victoria Regent Hotel be your gateway to the wonders of downtown Victoria. Treat yourself to the diverse dining experiences at nearby restaurants, making your stay in this city truly unforgettable.