Join Us for Beer Week March 7 – 15

Just when you thought Victoria’s beer scene couldn’t get any better or brighter, along comes Category 12 in December of 2014 and gives our city its 12th microbrewery; some nice synergy as it makes an even dozen, just like a case of beer in western Canada! Just across the Johnson St. Bridge from The Regent, you are in easy strolling distance of Canada’s oldest brewpub, Spinnakers, where the Canadian craft beer industry was revitalised in 1984. Just next door is The Guild which serves only craft beer on tap, and some of our region’s best examples.

And we are also less than one block from The Drake, another magnificent beer purveyor that again only serves craft beers on a rotating schedule. From March 7 – 15, Victoria Beer Week celebrates with events every day, from lectures to tastings, to films about making beer. It is an epic week, and we couldn’t be more centrally located to keep you safe and sound in your revelry.