Take a Breath of Fresh Air at Beacon Hill Park

During a time when wide open spaces and natural beauty are indispensable, Beacon Hill Park is a great place to take a breath of fresh air. Even though the historic 200-acre park is located minutes away from downtown Victoria, it is filled with gardens, trails and forests that represent so much of the beauty that the Garden City has to offer.

Beacon Hill was opened as a municipal park in 1882, and has become one of the most beloved parks in the capital. You’ll find native Garry Oak meadows and beautiful blue camas flowers, as well as numerous ponds, green spaces, and gardens. The park features the tallest totem pole in Canada, and stunning ocean front vistas of Juan de Fuca Straight and the striking Olympic Mountains beyond. Kids will be thrilled to see the wildlife that live in the park, like owls, raccoons, and even peacocks!