Top 10 Things to Do in Victoria

No matter how cliché it may sound, Butchart Gardens is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. No trip to Victoria is complete without a trip to the gardens…and a ride on the new carousel! There are lots of different ways to get out there….ask us at the front desk.

Take a stroll through Cook Street Village with its quirky shops, coffee houses and pub. Have lunch at Pizzeria Prima Strada….yummy!


Catch a play at the charming Belfry Theatre in the Fernwood district. I’ve never been disappointed and tickets are only about $20. Before or after the show have a bite at Stage, serving delicious small plates and an inspired wine list.

Venture behind the “Tweed Curtain” and explore Oak Bay Village…an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, gourmet food stores, patisseries and yes, even an English pub. Lunch or dinner at the hip new Vis a Vis will not disappoint. If you have a little extra time, take a tour through Estevan Village…. “Cute” would be the appropriate descriptor.

Hadn’t been to the Royal BC Museum in a couple of years…almost forgot how utterly cool it is. Lots of aboriginal displays, Old Town and, of course the Wooly Mammoth! After your museum experience, take in a flick on the giant screen at the IMAX theatre right next door.

Everybody loves Italian food, right? Good restaurants are busy, right? Well Il Terrazzo is REALLY BUSY because it’s REALLY GOOD! Let us make a reservation for you and enjoy the atmosphere while you revel in the food and the incredible wine selection.

Whether you have the kids in tow or are adventurous yourself, be sure to crawl, fly or wriggle your way to the Bug Zoo! Tarantulas, scorpions, white-eyed assassin bugs….it doesn’t get more exotic than this.

Oh sure, there’s the mall…but, if you want a true local shopping experience, make your way down Store Street to Capital Iron. It’s a bit like going back in time and they have everything…including the kitchen sink! On your way back, stop into Chintz for some very unique household décor items.

Sure, we know our town is beautiful. If you want to see it from above, have breakfast, lunch or dinner at Vista 18 on the 18th floor of the Chateau Victoria Hotel. Breathtaking views, great food and live jazz on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Check out Clive’s Classic Lounge on the lobby level for a retro cocktail.

I never get tired of hopping on a Victoria Harbour Ferry and enjoying a cruise around the Inner and Upper Harbours with running commentary from the skipper. Catch the boat right outside the Regent and head over to Fisherman’s Wharf for coffee, ice cream, fish and chips or just to hang out!