Valentine’s Day in Victoria

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Victoria Regent Waterfront Hotel and Suites extends a warm invitation to enjoy a day filled with romance. Here’s a guide to various activities and nearby restaurants to make your Victoria Valentine’s Day truly special.

1. Harbourfront Stroll: Take in the beauty of Victoria’s Inner Harbour with a leisurely stroll. The waterfront, with its winter charm, sets the perfect scene for a romantic walk. Explore nearby spots like the Ogden Point Breakwater and the Dallas Road Waterfront Trail. Let the Harbourfront be the backdrop to your quiet moments together.

2. Romantic Dining: Explore the romantic dining scene in Victoria, where charming restaurants with intimate settings are conveniently located within walking distance from the Victoria Regent.

  • Marilena (Seafood and Japanese Cuisine): Taste the flavours of the ocean at Marilena, where the ambiance and menu create a perfect setting for a romantic evening. Indulge in exquisite seafood dishes and the artistry of Japanese cuisine prepared with love and
    attention to detail.
  • Il Terrazzo (Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine): Transport yourselves to the heart of Italy and the Mediterranean at Il Terrazzo, offering a menu that celebrates the diverse flavours of the regions. Share a meal in the warm and inviting atmosphere, savouring the richness of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.
  • Brasserie L’ecole (French Cuisine): Experience the elegance of French cuisine at Brasserie L’ecole, known for its sophisticated ambiance and a menu that pays homage to classic French dishes. Enjoy a romantic dinner with a touch of Parisian flair.


Enhance your evening by ordering a beautifully crafted charcuterie board from L’Apero. Known for its diverse selection of fine cheeses, artisanal cured meats, and curated accompaniments. This European-style treat can be enjoyed right in the comfort of your hotel room, adding a unique touch to your celebration.

3. Couple’s Spa Day: Consider booking a couple’s spa day to relax and unwind together. Victoria offers several spas with special packages for Valentine’s Day. HAVN Spa, a floating spa in the Harbour, is just a 7-minute walk from the Victoria Regent.

4. Explore Local Attractions: Discover Victoria’s history and beauty by visiting some of its renowned attractions. Explore the Craigdarroch Castle, delve into the exhibits at the Royal BC Museum, or wander through the timeless Butchart Gardens. After your day of romantic adventures, unwind in your cozy Penthouse Suite at the Victoria Regent. Enjoy the warm ambiance and the view