VIC REGENT PICKS: Lunch, Anyone?

Location, location, location: The most important aspect of any relaxing getaway, right?

Well, having a readily available awesome lunch spot is very important to us, and so we thought we’d take a moment to suggest just a few of what we think are the best places to do lunch in Victoria…

Red Fish Blue Fish: When in Victoria, having fish & chips is a must-do lunch activity, as we’re known worldwide for having the best fish & chips joints around. One such place is Red Fish Blue Fish on Wharf Street, which will knock your socks off—it’s THAT good.

Pig BBQ: Pig is the best barbeque joint in town, hands down. Not only is their selection of BBQ mindblowing, but it’s the kind of place where you can go crazy eating a gob of meat on a piece of paper. The staff is friendly, outgoing, and always super helpful.
Ferris’ Oyster Bar: Speaking of brunch, Ferris’ is a casual eatery with some of the best food around. Chock full of all kinds of options—including, of course, oyster treats!—Ferris’ friendly staff is always on the ball. Not only that, but Ferris’ also offers a rather lathe gluten-free menu, and caters to all foodie wants and needs.

Canoe Brewpub: Found in Victoria’s historic Chinatown, the Canoe Brewpub is a very relaxed dining experience, with yummy food and many styles of handcrafted beer available. Rustic and timeless, the Canoe has fantastic views as its right on the water.

Sockeye Sushi: Looking for some sushi? Victoria is packed with some of the best sushi selections in Canada, so competition is fierce! Sockeye Sushi is looks like a “hole in the wall” on the outside but inside with some of the best sushi on offer. Not only that, but Sockeye is where you can find some of the best Korean food in town, too!

That’s just a few of the many places we’d recommend. When you’re here, tell us what you’re into for lunch, and we’ll direct you to the best place to go. Naturally, we’re happy to inform you beforehand while you’re planning your trip, too!